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License Management

Detect unauthorized software installations! Automate the approval or removal workflow
  • 1

    Installation of Unreliable Applications

    An end user installs Adobe Flash Player after downloading it from the Internet without asking the IT department about it or going through an approval process.

  • 2

    Automatic Registration of the Installation

    The unapproved installation is automatically registered by Matrix42 License Management. Furthermore, the license requests are identified, and the license administration is informed about the installation.

  • 3

    Pre-defined Process for Approval or Removal of Applications

    The approval and removal workflows pre-defined in Matrix42 Workflow Studio enable governance processes defined at the company to run automatically in the background.

Your added value with Matrix42 Software Asset Management

  • Full transparency over inventory of all IT assets and associated contracts.
  • Integrated contract management with cost planning and monitoring.
  • Procurement and approval processes compliance with guidelines.
  • Software asset management in line with ISO/IEC 19770-1, adaptable with Workflow Studio.
  • Complete inventory check of all platforms, including physical and virtual devices, hardware specifications, and installed software.
  • Identifying licensing requirements and consolidation (suite & second copy)
  • Detection of software use for local applications, terminal servers, and the cloud.
  • Software classification with over two million detection patterns via the cloud-based license.
  • License balances at the push of a button.
  • Active monitoring of costs, meetings, and deadlines.
  • Comprehensive reports and dashboards with compliance reports, trend and risk analyses, and inventory forecasts.
  • License optimization at the workplace, in the data center, for mobile devices, clients, servers, the cloud, and Oracle, IBM, and SAP databases.


Listen to the comments of our valued customers who have been working with us for a long time.
Rene Piuk

Diamond Aircraft

“Even though Windows Phone is not very widespread yet, we are convinced that these mobile devices will come to characterize the enterprise market in the future.”
Hanspeter Vlaj

Belimo Automation AG

“Several years ago, we received a letter from Microsoft regarding a pending license audit. This motivated us to rethink our software distribution process and use the insights gained to revamp our license management system as well.”
Colin Humphreys

NTT Com Security

“We only had six weeks to implement the Matrix42 service desk solution – at all of the NTT Com Security subsidiaries worldwide.
The project team worked tirelessly so that we could meet all of the deadlines – this was an important prerequisite for us being able to fulfill all of our reporting obligations in line with ISO 27001.”
Thomas Purtschert

Mobility Genossenschaft

“We wanted an automated service that maps the entire process, from HR through to acceptance by the employee. Ordering an IT service should be as easy as making a purchase on Amazon.”
Arno Stein


``Matrix42’s service desk solution had already helped us in improving the service structures, with consolidated asset data already available in the Matrix42 system.``


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