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License Management

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    License Inventory Management

    Market research institutes found that 23 percent of all newly purchased software was not actually used. The total value of non-installed software that is not installed is about $ 400 per computer. Accepting license failures and over-licensing with active license management often leads to significant potential cost savings.

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    License Compatibility

    License violations pose a risk to all businesses. Automatic license management provides full transparency of your current license inventory and actual use. By monitoring unauthorized software installations through automated license management, you can be confident that there is no unlicensed software in your company.

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    Event-Based Billing

    Activity-based software licensing offers a huge potential to lower costs. Automated license management, a component of Matrix42 License Management, enables cost-effectiveness-based identification and licensing of departments in which bills are ordered.

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Comprehensive Overview of Your Software Products

Always keep an eye on which software products are being used in your company – on devices, in the data center, on virtualized servers, or in the cloud.

All SKUs at a Glance

Always maintain an overview of whether these are full versions, rental extensions, or maintenance.

Overview of License Inventory

Matrix42 License Management makes it very easy to keep an eye on license inventory and needs, proactively save on costs, and minimize risks.

License Metrics “as a Service”

Comprehensive, continuously updated reference data about almost two million software fingerprints. This data covers software products from various vendors, upgrades and downgrades, license metrics, stock keeping units (SKUs), and much more.